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Zyklamen, watercolor, 15×22 inches

I got the inspiration for this painting from a pot of Cyclames I have got at my reception.

Inspiration zu diesem Blumenbild – ein Zyklamenstock den ich zu der Eröffnung meiner Vernissage “Wien-Impressionen” erhalten habe.

Peters Church Vienna

Peters Kirche Wien, rainy evening
Peters Church Vienna rainy evening

Später Nachmittag an einem regnerischen Novembertag. Warme Lichtspiegelungen auf dem nassen Asphalt haben mich an diesem Motiv gereizt. Die Umsetzung war nicht so einfach

Late afternoon on a rainy day in November. The warmth of the light reflections in the streets in Downtown Vienna was my goal to catch, to get the spezial mood

Passage Palais Ferstel

Passage Palais Ferstel Vienna

Passage Palais Ferstel, Vienna, watercolors 56x38 cm
Passage Palais Ferstel Vienna, watercolor, 56×38 cm

Palais Ferstel is a building located in Herrengasse street, in Vienna. It was originally built as a National Bank and stock exchange building in 1860. It was constructed by Baron Heinrich von Ferstel. The design of the building is reminiscent of early Florentine Renaissance architecture. There is a nice Passage with shops and cafes

Swampy pond, oil on panel, 9x12 inches

Swampy Pond

Swampy pond, oil on panel, 9x12 inches

Swampy pond, oil on panel, 9×12 inches

today´s plein air at Sandy Acres Ranch with Peace River Painters. There was this nice morning backlit sunlight

Heutige Plein Air Bild mit Peace River Painters auf Sandy Acres Ranch. Schönes Gegenlicht am Morgen.

Rooster, 12x9 inches , oil on panel


Rooster, 12x9 inches , oil on panel

Rooster, 12×9 inches , oil on panel

The idea for this painting came from a visit to Key West, with so many roosters in the streets

Die Idee zu diesem Bild kam von einem Ausflug nach Key West. In den Straßen von Key West laufen viele Hähne frei herum.