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Happy Valentine‘s Day

Happy Valentine‘ Day, oil on canvas, 16×12 inches

Have a wonderful Valentine‘s Day.

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Cyclames I

Cyclames, oil on canvas, 40×30 cm

Habe zu diesem Bild nachfolgenden Reim von Alexander Legniti erhalten.

die ihre Farben
in die Stunden nahmen,
die sie erwarben,
um sich zu mühen
und herrlich zu blühen.
Legniti Alexander © für Christa Friedl
Innsbruck, 21. November 2020

Got a nice poem from Alexander Legniti for my painting. Try t translate it into English:

which their colors
took into the hours
that they acquired
to struggle
and bloom beautifully.
Legniti Alexander © for Christa Friedl
Innsbruck, November 21, 2020