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Hydrangeas, oil on panel, 8×8 inches

Hydrangeas on of my favorite flowers

Prime Roses oil on panel 8x8 inches

Prime Roses

Prime Roses, oil on board, 8×8 inches

Gestern auf dem Heimweg einen kleinen Primelstock gekauft und den Frühling ins Wohnzimmer geholt.

Bought yesterday these Prime Roses to take some spring into my home and to get into some spring feelings.

Rooster, 12x9 inches , oil on panel


Rooster, 12x9 inches , oil on panel

Rooster, 12×9 inches , oil on panel

The idea for this painting came from a visit to Key West, with so many roosters in the streets

Die Idee zu diesem Bild kam von einem Ausflug nach Key West. In den Straßen von Key West laufen viele Hähne frei herum.