Ölbild Oilpainting

Pond Reflections II

Pond Reflections II, oil on Dibond, 50 x50 cm

Another painting of my series of pond reflections.

Ölbild Oilpainting

Pond reflections

Pond reflections, oil on board, 8×16 inches

There is always something mystical and dreamy about ponds and water reflections. This is one of my series about nature.

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Ölbild Oilpainting plein air

Swampy Pond

Swampy pond, oil on panel, 9x12 inches
Swampy pond, oil on panel, 9×12 inches

today´s plein air at Sandy Acres Ranch with Peace River Painters. There was this nice morning backlit sunlight

Heutige Plein Air Bild mit Peace River Painters auf Sandy Acres Ranch. Schönes Gegenlicht am Morgen.

Ölbild Oilpainting

Crash Landing

crash landing, oil on panel, 8x8 inches
crash landing, oil on panel, 8×8 inches

Due to the cold weather, some lakes and ponds are frozen.