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Old Wine Cellar

Old Wine cellar, watercolor, 11×15 inches

There is the so called „Weinviertel“ in Lower Austria, north of Vienna.

This regions is specialized for growing wine. The farmers keep there wine in old wine cellars ( this cellars have a special temperature to keep the wine fresh ) and on several days during the summer months, they open their wine cellars for the public. You can sit down drinking some wine and have some appetizers. This is very casual and has a special flair. We Austrians love to go there for a nice afternoon with family and friends. It is a tradition.

Im Weinviertel gibt es viele noch historisch gut erhaltene Kellergassen. Ein Ausflug zu einem guten Glaserl Wein und einer Jause in einer dieser Kellergassen lohnt sich immer. Jedesmal finde ich neue Impressionen, die ich malerisch umsetzten kann.