The Divine Comedy – Inferno

Lost in the Dark watercolor, 30×22 inches

A project of the anniversary of 700 year´s of death of Dante Aleghieri and his Divine Comedy.

The Divine Comedy is conceived as a great vision, as a personal experience of the poet who, in the middle of life, in the Easter week of the Jubilee Year 1300, sees himself wandering through a wild, horrible forest on the night before Good Friday.

Wild animals – leopard, lion, she-wolf, symbols of lust, arrogance, greed, which can also be interpreted politically – block his way out, and he feels hopelessly lost in the forest, the desolate life.

This first canto I have interpreted with my watercolor „Lost in the Dark“.

Here is the link where you can watch my creating process:

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Celebrating 700 year‘s of death of Dante Alighieri

In honour of  the great Italian writer and philosopher  Dante Alighieri I will take part in the project announced by UrbinInAcquerello to celebrate his 700 year‘s anniversary of death.

Wacht my YouTube video – release will be on July 2nd 2021 at 10:00 am European time.

Here is the link:

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Wildflower Meadow I

Wildflower Meadow, oil on Dipond, 40×40 cm

Some summer impressions. That´s the nice part of beeing an artist, you paint what you imagine and what you perhaps may be seeing in summer. Looking forward to the coming summer.

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Venice Carnival Mask

Carnival Mask, watercolor, 15×11 inches

It’s Carnival time although its not possible to celebrate because of the Covid situation, but anyway I can paint a carnival mask and imagine how the carnival in Venice would be.

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